Versatile Commercial Flat Roof Replacements

When repairs to your commercial roof are no longer a cost-effective option, count on Versatile to replace it with a new, high-quality roofing system that will provide years of weather protection for your facility.

We will conduct an in-depth evaluation of the existing roof to learn about any issues that need to be addressed (such as wet insulation) and to develop plans for the new roof installation. We’ll then discuss our findings with you and recommend the best roof system for your facility.

We specialize in Michigan flat roof replacement services and low slope roof systems. Our professional roofing crews are highly-trained in the installation of flat and low slope roofing. When you replace your old roof with a membrane roofing system you receive a roof that offers:

  • Fewer repairs because of the durability of the membrane
  • Elimination of leaks because of its resistance to pooling water
  • Lower utility bills because the UV coating reduces air conditioning use

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