Three Important Commercial Roofing Contractor Qualities

A newly installed commercial roof should protect your building for 15-20 years, and if yours is approaching that age, you should start thinking about a replacement. Of course, the roofing system you choose is important, but more critical is the contractor who will be installing it because, ultimately, the quality of the installation is dependent on what they bring to the project.

Here are three critical attributes to look for in your commercial roofing contractor.


Roofs vary from facility to facility. The roof on a restaurant with its many penetrations and rooftop exhaust systems is different from a school or strip mall that probably has a more open roof surface. Each situation presents its own installation challenges and the contractor you select should have experience installing roof on buildings like yours, as well as a clear understanding of how to address issues that are specific to those facilities. Make it a point to check your contractor’s references, especially for projects comparable to yours.


Although they may appear to be the same, it’s important to understand that commercial roofing systems vary widely in their makeup and how they are installed. Roof system manufacturers train and authorize contractors to install their products correctly and have quality rating programs in place to help ensure that their authorized roofers are proficient. Your contractor should be able to show you credentials from the manufacturer that verify their relationship.


Before starting your re-roofing project, the contractor should conduct a comprehensive analysis of the current roof to uncover any potential issues, and then discuss the results with you. Contractor tasks might include cutting into the roof assembly to determine if the insulation is still effective or needs to be replaced; doing “pull tests” that will help determine which fasteners to use; evaluating the condition of edge terminations and other details as to whether they can be reused for the new installation; how the contractor will move materials from the ground to the rooftop; etc. The contractor’s assessment should be included in the overall plan for the project so that there will be no surprises once the installation is underway.

Whether you are in the market now for a new commercial roof or still a few years away, the professionals at Versatile Commercial Flat Roofing would welcome the opportunity to partner with you on your project. We check all the boxes discussed here and also have a proven reputation for business integrity, workplace safety, and installation quality. Please contact us at your convenience.