Metal Retrofit Roofing from Versatile

If you have a flat standing seam metal roof deck on your commercial building, now is a good time to inspect it to see if winter produced any problems that could lead to leaks.

There are basically two types of standing seam metal roofing systems. Architectural metal systems are designed to be an attractive – possibly colorful – part of a building’s exterior. On the other hand, structural standing seam roofing systems are commonly installed on flat commercial facilities at the time of construction, because they’re economical and provide reliable weather protection for years. They’re typically not visible from ground level.

Standing Seam Roof Problems

Although structural standing seam metal roofs can be effective for a long time, eventually they will begin to degrade and negatively impact the building’s ability to remain watertight. That’s primarily due to the normal thermal forces that come into play because of seasonal, and even daily, hot and cold temperature variations.

Standing seam roofs are made of rigid metal sheets that are joined together and attached mechanically. Expansion and contraction can loosen fasteners and clips, pull adjoining metal roof panels apart, and accelerate cracking and separation around penetrations.

When metal roof components lose their integrity, it opens the door for rain, snow, sleet and ponding water to penetrate and eventually cause rust and corrosion to form and holes to develop.

Another common problem with standing seam metal roofs is interior dripping. If the roof is not insulated properly, cold exterior air can come into contact with the metal, causing warmer, moist interior air vapor to condense as water or frost on the underside of the metal panels. This can cause dripping inside the building (possible creating a floor hazard) and the formation of rust on the interior metal surfaces.

rusty deck 1

Addressing Metal Roof Issues

There are several ways to address these roof issues. Sealings and coatings are economical, but are really only a temporary fix, because the underlying metal roofing system will continue to be affected by weather conditions. It will continue to expand and contract, and the new sealant or coating will eventually crack and/or split. Replacing the old metal roof with a new one is another option, but an expensive one, and installing it can disrupt normal building activities and may require exposing the interior to the weather during the project. Also, the new roof will be susceptible to the same forces of nature that impacted the original metal roof.

The best solution for an aging metal roof is a single-ply membrane retrofit system installed by Versatile.

Our retrofit roof system is installed over the existing roof deck, and includes additional layers of insulation to improve energy efficiency and provide a smooth surface for the membrane installation. A single-ply retrofit can protect your building against rain, temperature changes, interior drips, ice build-up, as well as rust and corrosion. It can be installed at a fraction of the cost of a replacement metal roof (without disrupting building operations), and is a better long-term solution than sealants and coatings.

duro shield retrofit hi res 2A Versatile metal retrofit installation on your commercial facility is simple and non-disruptive. Our method starts with sections of insulation, cut to fill the gaps between roof panel seams. We then install another layer of insulation to provide an even, flat surface. Next is the deck membrane, mechanically attached to the building’s purlins or the roof deck itself. We finish the project with flashings and other details as necessary.

5The result is a long-term roof installation that will protect your building against rain, temperature changes, interior drips, and rust and corrosion. It’s far less expensive than a new metal roof and is a better long-term solution than sealants or coatings. We’ll also install it without disrupting your building operations. Bonus: the highly-reflective membrane we use can also lower your summertime energy costs.


Whatever your commercial roofing need is, Versatile can provide you with a high-quality, long-lasting roof system. Please contact us at your convenience to discuss how we can help you today or with a future project.